24 or 22 inch LCD w/ my 8800GT

I am looking to upgrade my LCD, I currently have a 17inch but want either a 22inch or a 24inch widescreen.

I'm worried though that the 24inch resolutions (1920x1200) will blow away my 8800GT (512MB) in games.

Would do you think, will by 8800 run okay on a 24inch, or should I play it safer and get a 22inch and run at 1650x1050?

Anyone have an 8800GT that runs 1650x1050 no sweat?

Thanks!! Don't want to spend a few hundred on a 24 only to find I need to spend a few more on a new video card (wife would KILL me)..... hehe
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  1. umm what games are you going to be playing? in general I would say that 1680x1050 is going to be the maximum playable resolution for an 8800gt or 9800gt by my standards, I have a 9800gt and a 22 inch monitor and tend to play @ 1440x900 so I can have 4xAA.
  2. um i have a 8800GT and i run at 22'


    that i would say is max for it.
  3. The 8800gt is rather getting old.... It'll handle most games out there at playable settings up to 1680x 1050 i would say, but 1920 x 1200 would bring the 8800gt to its knees. I would stick with the 22" monitor or upgrade the GPU and to the 24" monitor.
  4. Thanks guys, this really helps.

    I can't really afford a 24inch for $300-400, then $100-$200 on a new video card, yikes! :o

    I'll likely buy the monitor at a retail store, maybe BestBuy, as I'd like to be able to return it easily for any reason if I don't like it. There's an 22" LG for $239 right now (10K contrast, 2ms..) that I will likely get. The 24inch version of same monitor is $399.

    I've been on a 17inch, non-widescreen, 1280x1024 LCD for the past 4-5 years, the 22inch should seem MORE then enough for me. :)
  5. It all depends on whether or not you demand to have AA and maxed settings. If you're like me, having a bigger screen is worth lowering some settings, and living without any AA, but I haven't had a current gen, high end card since...ummm.... ever, so I don't mind playing without maxed settings. Personally, anything that looks as good as FEAR is plenty good to me.
  6. It depends on how demanding you are in term of graphics quality.

    I'm using a 1900XT 512MB to play Fallout 3 @ 1920 x 1200 with medium quality.
  7. I would recommend a 24". A monitor will last you a long time, and you can play at a lower resolution if necessary.
  8. Thanks guys. Geez this is expensive... I was thinking of buying the Acer X243Wbd 24", but it's online only, GRRR..

    Managed to pull some specs from NewEgg (discontinued there), looks decent enough. Price is good, $288.

    24" WS
    Resolution 1920 x 1200
    Viewing Angle 160°(H) / 160°(V)
    Pixel Pitch 0.27mm
    Display Colors 16.7 Million(6Bit+HiFRC)
    Brightness 400 cd/m2
    Contrast Ratio 3000:1 ACM
    Response Time 5ms
    Display Type WUXGA

    I'd really like to just purchase one at a store tho. Maybe CompUSA (tiger) or Brandsmart...
  9. I would also recommend a 24"

    The logic being that a monitor lasts you far longer than a graphics card does, so it makes sense to cater the GPU to the monitor, rather than the monitor to the GPU. You might be mismatched for a little bit, but 1 year down the road you will likely have a shiny new GPU, but still using that same monitor, so you might as well make that monitor a good one that you'll enjoy.
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