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Im trying to oc my xfx 5870 using msi afterburner but i cant push it past 900mhz its the max that is available which is also the same that ccc allows, i was told to set the sliders using ccc to performance which i did before using afterburner. so is it possible to go beyond 900? Thank you for any input
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    Turn off overdrive in CCC, go into the folder where afterburner is installed and find the .cfg (configuration) file. Open it with notepad and find the line that says enableunofficialoverclocking=0 and change the 0 to a 1 and resave it. (Make sure to change the file type to all files when you save it or it will save it as a text file instead of a config file) That will remove the limit in afterburner. You can't have it running when you do this by the way.
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