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With the release of FFXIV coming, I wanted to try and overclock my cpu for better performance. I ran CPUID to check my temperatures before running P95, and they are on average mid 60s with the last temp reading 53 (btw, what do these four different temps mean?). Anyway, I ran P95, and all four of those numbers jumped above 90 degrees. I just don't understand it! I dusted the heat sink off, I removed some excess thermal paste. I don't know what to do to get my temps down. I really want to overclock my cpu, but I have a feeling it will explode.

I will give any extra information you need. Just help me, please!
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  1. The 4 temps are your 4 separate cores, its normal for them to be different. You have the stock cooler on there?

    While 90-95C isn't uncommon, it's definitely not where you want it. How much thermal paste did you use? Did you try re-applying it? What kind of paste do you have?

    Generally, if you plan on overclocking, you'll need an aftermarket cooler for an i7.
  2. This is the stock heatsink right? If so, 90°C doesn't seem TOO bad. Intel's CPU wasn't designed for overclocking though, you'll need an aftermarket. Don't really know if you'll need to overclock for FFXIV.
  3. Yes. I pushed the pushpins in securely, as well.
  4. Yes, I'm using the stock fan.

    I'm having a lot of framerate issues with the game right now. Glad I read up on overclocking, or else I might never have found out about my temps. I just think its weird that other people with stock fans and such are getting much lower readings than I am.

    The tube of my paste says Xigmatek...I got it from best buy.
  5. What are your voltages at? If it's on Auto, you could very likely lower it a good chunk... because it always over-volts. That would improve temps for sure.
  6. it says my core voltage is at 1.258.

    Is lowering the voltage going to decrease performance? I hear of people OCing to 4.0 with this cpu. I don't want to get fancy. I want to OC it to 3.2. Theoretically, what would happen if I raised it to 3.2 in its current condition?
  7. Lowering voltage has no effect on performance. The lower, the better, until it's unstable.

    Is 1.258 at idle or load in P95? It would most likely run at 3.2GHz with little or no voltage increase from stock.

    Try manually setting it to 1.225 or something and see if it's stable. Then, check your temps.
  8. I lowered the voltage like you said. The temp is lower than before, but still decently high.

    Also, how would I go about raising the clock speed for the cpu? I'm fairly new to i7's.
  9. You should for sure lower your temps before you OC... but the basics are your BCLK and CPU multiplier. What are your temps at now?
  10. My first and third cores are running a tad hotter than the other two generally. The first and third hover around 60-64 and the second and fourth are around 55-58. This is idle. Running P95 still raised all but the last core to 90+, with the first core at 99.
  11. Get a better cooler or run it at stock speeds
  12. Wait,
    why dont you run a tool so that you can see how much of your CPU is being used in the game. I cant think of a single game i play where the CPU is maxed out on all cores. Most tend to jump from core to core, maybe 4-5 cores at a time and anywhere from 5% to 80% usage.

    Prime95 stresses your CPU and memory to 100% constantly, its a bit unrealistic for real life games and apps.

    What graphics card do you have? Chances are your graphics card is causing your FPS problem, make sure you have un-installed old drivers PROPERLY and then put latest (or the version just before then, and dont use BETA drivers) drivers on. ALSO check fan blades on your graphics card as dust sticks to them and only a thin layer can drop cooling performance enough to cause drops in frame rates and crash.

    Also make sure your BIOS and sound card are all upto date. With the stock cooler on a 920, you should get 3.2GHz on stock voltage (maybe a tiny tiny bit higher depending on chip) and at load max temp on prime95 would be 80C or so depending on room temperature, for normal gaming etc expect around 72C (varies with room temperature).

    dont let your cpu run higher then 85C would be my advise. once you reach that switch of prime95, as you know its never going to get cooler. I spent £47.00 including p&p on a Cool Master v6GT, I now get about 65-70C at 3.8GHz with prime95 .

    -edit- £47 may seem expensive, but your getting 2 very good fans with the package, most other cooling blocks require you to buy 1 or 2 fans.

    Link to one of many Cool master v6gt reviews

    with stock fans :-

    With NF-P12's:-
  13. ^+1
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