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I have an Asus Z7100 that has a nvidia 6600go in it. A little while back I pulled it all apart in troubleshooting some other problem. When I removed the heatsink structure that sits on top of the GPU there was a little pad to dissipate the heat. These pads, 2 of them, crumbled and tore when I was taking things apart.

I tried to thermal paste the crack between but the GPU still overheats.
I tried putting the torn pads back on as best as I can. Nope.
Then adding a little thermal paste to the pads. Nope.
I tried using a dime (yes a piece of currency kind of dime) with thermal paste to bridge the gap and spread the heat to the heatsink. Nope.
I tried a folded up wod of tinfoil with thermal paste, you probably don't need me to tell you how well that went...
I can't seem to find these thermal pads online from anywhere. I just don't know what else to try.

Its a nice lappy - Pentium M, 2gb ram, 6600 go 128 mb, and it supports 1680x1050 res so I hate to give up on it.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. How large the is the gap? If very small, why not just rely on a bit of thermal paste to bridge the gap? Picture please.
  2. I have removed theese pads almost on every laptop I take apart and this has always improved cooling.. Things to look for are:
    1. Clean and degrease gpu and hsf and use good thermal paste, not too little and not too much. Also make sure hsf fins are clean.
    2. Make sure You have not scratched hsf when removing foil else You will need to polish or sand it down until it is even. You might choose to polish to mirror finish it even if it is not scratched to improve thermal transfer.
    3. Check that hsf is not touching something else on motherboard or case ect since now without pads it needs to sit lower and something might be in the way for it o go down. If it does touch something Yuo might need to file something down.
    4. Check that hsf firmly presses against gpu. If not You might need to put some washers under screws
  3. It seems to me that the gap must be about the thickness of a CD. Hard to get an actual measurement. I liked some of your suggestions ainarssems, I don't know if I looked close enough to figure out if it was hitting somewhere else. I will check for that. When I tried to just use thermal paste, I used Artic Silver 5. But the issue was that without them touching I had to try to put way too much on to see if it would transfer the heat. Otherwise there would have been no contact at all.

    The washer Idea is good too, maybe there is something more I can do in there. It was a few weeks since I was working on it last but after I take another look I'll post back. Maybe I'll have some pictures too.
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