What should I install first when building?

I have a Corsair HD50 Water cooler on my new build.

should I install the cpu first into the board then mount to motherboard to case then install water cooler.

Thing is a little bulky, just wondering whats the easiest way to go about this.

-Thanks :pt1cable:
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  1. well i used a completely different water cooling set up on my old pc (it was a KANDALF water cooling tower). I put the CPU on the board and then put the back plate and water block on, then installed the mother board into case, then put ram and graphics ard in etc and finaly the reservoir and pump and plumbed it all in. With the cooling you have though its all just once piece right?
    If it is then if it needs a back plate make sure thats on then put your whole pc together and finally the water cooling, that way the pipes are not going to get in the way of anything later.
  2. It really depends on your case.

    If you have a case that allows access to the underside of the motherboard (where a retention bracket would go) then do CPU into Motherboard, Motherboard into case, Cooling onto CPU.

    If your case does not allow for access to the underside of the motherboard, do CPU into motherboard, cooling onto CPU, motherboard into case.

    This is how i have always done it, with liquid or conventional cooling solutions...
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