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So I was just wondering. I have the two side fans on intake as I have been informed to do so. Is the fan directly over the CPU conflicting with my cpu fan since they blow toward eachother?
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  1. how close are the edges of the fans to each other? Unless they're literally on top of each other, or less than two inches apart, there will be no conflict.
  2. Probably not. What other fans, if any, have you added?
    I'd run that top side fan as a top exhaust fan myself.
  3. You could always run a test and measure the CPU, GPU, and case temps in different fan configurations.
    That would give you confidence you have your fans setup in an optimum configuration.
    Don't forget to test the stock setup as well for a baseline look at how well any changes you make are working for you.
  4. +1^ Agreed.
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