No signal problem.

I upgraded case and CPU on existing mobo. Same HD,DVD,GPU and RAM that worked in old case.
Assembled and powered up with 'no signal' msg on screen.
-Changed monitor and GPU with no help.
-Changed motherboard. No help.
-Replaced CPU with original. No help.
-Two 512 sticks of RAM, removed and switched slots. No help.
All that's new is the case. Doesn't appear to be any shorts, etc to case. Mounted mobos correctly.
Any ideas?
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  1. It sounds like you've started the troubleshooting process, but I'd go through this checklist to make sure you haven't missed something:
  2. Do you hear any beep codes?

    Is the 4/8 pin cpu power plugged in?
  3. I've checked and rechecked all connections. Changed molex connectors and ribbon cable. HD and DVD both power up. Mobo power light on. CPU and chassis fan both on.
    Just keeps looping, no POST going on and no beeps.
  4. Is the video card seated all the way?

    What kind of video card do u have? mobo?
  5. Yes, it's an AGP and is fully seated(Ispent 10yrs in the graphics board industry, so I know all about that one<g>). BTW, I tried another card w/the same result.

    nVidia GForce 256Mb and new motherboard is ASUS KA8-U. Old board was an ECS.

    What bugs me is that everything worked in old case. Used usual care in transfering RAM, CPU, etc. I've considered PS, since it's only 350, but it WORKED with the same configuration before. Find it hard to believe that both sticks got fried,

    Very frustrating when you can't even get to POST.

    Thanks for trying to help.
  6. are you sure all the mobo mounts are in the right spot?
  7. just try a new/different power supply man. Quick and easy and you don't even have to mount it in the case...
  8. Yeah, I think that's my next step, even though I 'seem' to have enough, maybe there's a little light voltage somewhere. Still can't figure why it just started, tho'.
    Pretty soon it will have been cheaper to buy a barebones! Still can't figure why it just started, tho'.
    Oh, well. I've built 9 PCs from scratch without a hitch and this simple little project finally bit me.
  9. Try booting with the board outside of the case.
  10. Did that.
  11. Sorry to ask the dumb questions. I just try to eliminate all them before recommending replacing parts. You seem like you know what you are doing, but many people that post on here don't. Sounds like replacing the psu is the next step.
  12. I understand. Thanks again to everyone for the input.

    If PS doesn't work, then its RAM. Then I'll have a completely new machine!

    I'll post results for reference.
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