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Ok, going to take everyone back a year or two.

I'm trying to set the jumpers on a Trigem SV4012H/TGM to a master setting. It's a square 8 pin jumper slot with 2 jumper pins. It's an old 40GB hard drive from an old desktop that I am trying to make into an external drive. The instructions for the hard drive enclosure states that the jumper has to be set to a master setting. I see the diagram on the back of the hard drive but a little unclear with the instructions. Unclear about what it means by 32GB (as it states to set the 2 jumpers ( or jumper depending) in accordance to capacity greater than 32MB, less than 32MB, or less than equal to 32MB). I am assuming it is referring to the drive itself?

Not to sound like a complete novice, I am unsure which way is the up side to the drive as i want to make sure the jumpers are set the right way. WOuld it be the side with the jumper diagram?

It having two jumpers, is it necessary that I use the two jumpers?
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  1. Good thing jsc could identify the real HDD maker! Look at this diagram from the Samsung website:


    Although I view this as showing the entire HDD unit upside down, the point is you can see that the jumper pin block is next to the 4-pin Molex power input connector, and the pins FURTHEST from the 4-pin Molex are the pair that should have the jumper installed for the Master setting. You only need that one jumper. A second jumper is only required if your HDD is over 32 GB AND your BIOS cannot handle a disk like that, so the HDD itself must be forced to limit itself to 32 GB. This goes back a long way to early limitations of DOS and disk controllers in the early 1990's. I REALLY doubt you have this limit to deal with if you are installing the old HDD in a newer machine.
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