Is this a cpu issue?

Hi all,

I recently purchased a new computer :

GA-MA770-US3 motherboard

Amd athlon 6000+ cpu

ati gigabyte 4770 512MN video card

Samsung 160GB 8MB cache Harddrive

Corsair TwinX Dominator 2x1GB 1066Mhz

Codegen 650 watt Power supply.

My issue is this, during gameplay I am getting "stuttering" of images and split second sound and graphics lockup, other than then the game runs perfectly. This is World of Warcraft mind you, not like it should run poorly on this system. I get these "stutters" for approx 0.2 of a second, occurring on average once a minute, but under larger load more often. ( when i dual box WoW ) .

What I have done about it :

-Asked elsewhere, people don't know
-Ran 3dmark 06 ( scoring 10762 3dmarks )
-Ran 3dmark 06 with a virus scan running, spybot sd scan running, youtube video, 8 other browsers open and windows task manager to monitor cpu usage. ( this showed no loss in cpu, and only minor in gpu )
-I've updated my sound drivers, video drivers are oem (due to 4770 lack of support), chipset drivers, and used a driver detection software named driver agent to determine any drivers that need updating.
-I have not overclocked my setup

Points to take into consideration :

1. My power supply is a bad brand, also it is old, the power ratings are as follows :
12v rail max wattage out = 285, max amps = 18 per rail *total of 2 rails*
Using the old 4 pin power connectors x2 to connect to a 6pin power connector via an included lead with the 4770. ( i have been told that this is bad ) . Also the card is PCI-e 2.0, the PSU has no such power connector.

2. I had to remove my cpu from the heat sink after initial installation, thermal paste had stuck it good, i got it off but it dropped in the process -_- , I straightened out all the pins that were very slightly bent, checked it over very thoroughly and it slotted in easily and locked into place.

3. 4770 drivers I rolled back to the oem ones as catalyst 9.5 crashed my gpu, forcing it to use vpu recover. I did remember to remove all old driver traces using driver cleaner 3 before using the 9.5.

4. The motherboard heatsink seemed a little loose upon building my system ( i could wobble it with my thumb pressing down netherless it was still attatched )

Can anyone please try to point out what this may be...
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  1. If you can wiggle the heatsink, there is a chance that it is not installed correctly and your cpu may be overheating. If you don't have a temperature monitoring utility, download the free AMD Overdrive from After starting the app, click the "Status Monitor" tab to see the current temp of each processor core. Generally speaking, anything over 55-60 deg celsius is suspect; once you get into the 70's, you definitely want to investigate and repair.

    Keep in mind that when applying thermal paste, anything more than a dollop the size of a grain of rice is way, way, too much. There are several videos on YouTube showing the correct application of thermal paste.
  2. 55795642, thankyou for your response, I have just run a everest report and this came back :

    --------[ Debug - Video BIOS ]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    C000:0000 U......................`.....IBM............... 761295520......
    C000:0040 ........<.......03/27/09 16:57..3....>...M.......c...c..........
    C000:0080 PA.S.*..............113-B74302-105.RV740.PCI_EXPRESS.GDDR5...Wal
    C000:00C0 den RV740 B74302 Board
    C000:01C0 ATI Technologies Inc. .ATOMBIOSBK-ATI VER011.
    C000:0200 .B3B74302.105.466600 .100829 . .B74302\config.h....$...
    C000:0240 ATOM..........|.........`.V.....PCIR............. ......ATI ATOM
    C000:0280 BIOS...@.........qM...J.....?G?......V.......LP. .^..fPfQfRfSfUf
    C000:02C0 VfW...P...D........P.f....D.f.(......2...R..+&.*&. &&........%..%
    C000:0300 ..%.'..H..DP. u.....f...d.Ud..../..LP........DX...Y...f.......fP
    C000:0340 . .H...fXt.. f.f.....j.f_f^f]f[fZfYfX.............F.f3..F...F..R
    C000:0380 .....2DZ..........f........f.\.f.L.;.u...f.^.f.N.. ..........>...
    C000:03C0 u...,.....$...f....e.....@.|...B.....|.......|..l. .~......q.....

    --------[ Debug - Unknown ]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Monitor SAM01E1: SyncMaster 940N,SyncMaster Magic CX915N/CX916N/CX917N [NoDB]
    Motherboard 12/31/2008-RD780-SB700-6A66AG0XC-00
    Motherboard AMD 770 BIOS for GA-MA770-US3 F3
    Motherboard DMIMOBO: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. GA-MA770-US3
    Motherboard DMISYS: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. GA-MA770-US3
    PCI/AGP 1002-4383: Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio [NoDB]
    PCI/AGP 1002-4384: PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge [NoDB]
    PCI/AGP 1002-4385: ATI SMBus [NoDB]
    PCI/AGP 1002-4390: Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller [NoDB]
    PCI/AGP 1002-4396: Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller [NoDB]
    PCI/AGP 1002-4397: Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller [NoDB]
    PCI/AGP 1002-4398: Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller [NoDB]
    PCI/AGP 1002-4399: Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller [NoDB]
    PCI/AGP 1002-439C: Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller [NoDB]
    PCI/AGP 1002-439D: PCI standard ISA bridge [NoDB]
    PCI/AGP 1002-5957: PCI standard host CPU bridge [NoDB]
    PCI/AGP 1002-5978: PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge [NoDB]
    PCI/AGP 1002-597F: PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge [NoDB]
    PCI/AGP 1002-94B3: ATI Radeon HD 4770 [NoDB]
    PCI/AGP 1002-AA38: Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio [NoDB]

  4. Yes I absolutely did, the fact is I have both of my 12v@18amps rails ( 4pin ) connected to the gpu, it is however natively a 6-pin connector, it just comes with a convertor cable allowing me to use my 4 pin connectors....

    So i have installed it correctly, my guess is the PSU is not powering the card then yes?
  5. It does seem odd...

    Neither your motherboard nor your GPU model numbers are valid. If you clarify those, I and others will be able to look at them in more detail (online manuals, troubleshooting, etc).
  6. Motherboard : Gigabyte MA770-US3

    GPU : model number = GV-R477D5-512H-B ( gigabyte 4770 512MB )
  7. An update :

    Quoting this from the motherboard's manual :

    "• To meet expansion requirements, it is recommended that a power supply that can withstand
    high power consumption be used (500W or greater). If a power supply is used that does not
    provide the required power, the result can lead to an unstable or unbootable system.
    • The main power connector is compatible with power supplies with 2x10 power
    connectors. When using a 2x12 power supply, remove the protective cover from the
    main power connector on the motherboard. Do not insert the power supply cable into pins
    under the protective cover when using a 2x10 power supply."

    My psu provides only a 2x10 cable, so would this not indicate that my psu is the cause to the system instability?

    - Also a question, my room mate helped me put this together, the first time we tried to boot the system, nothing happened, this was then later troubleshot by taking out the atx 12v from the extra 4 pins on the 20/24 main power connection. I'm hoping that this has not damaged the board. It IS quoted by the manual
    " Do not insert the power supply cable into pins
    under the protective cover when using a 2x10 power supply."
  8. Quote:

    " Do not insert the power supply cable into pins
    under the protective cover when using a 2x10 power supply."

    This last part simply means do not try to install the 20 pin connector in such a way that it goes into those last four pins. As a practical matter, this would be nearly impossible to do anyway - you would have to push really, really, hard to get the connector to go in that way.

    You can buy a 20 to 24 bin adapter but you really shouldn't need to and I doubt this has anything to do with your problem. I presume you have the ATX12 4 pin connector attached to the correct connect on the motherboard?

    Have you checked the CPU heatsink installation? CPU temperatures? It would be helpful if we could rule this out as the cause of your game stuttering.
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