Asus P6T and 6GB OCZ3G1600LV6GK Memory Compatibility

I just recently placed order through new egg for the combo deal for the asus p6t mobo, i7920 proc and the ocz 6gb OCZ3G1600LV6GK - Retail

After reading all the threads online about the memory compatibility issue i was wondering if anyone got it to work ?

additionally was also wondering if anyone tried the following setting to check for stability
not sure if this is default but on a tech forum user suggested bios 1102 for the mobo and following setting
cas 8
trcd 8
trp 8
tras 24

trfc 88
memory 1.65
qpi 1.375

memory speed 1600 mhz

Also on another tech forum user suggested to use 1333 MHz instead of 1600 Mhz and said it was runing stable

any suggestions or setting that has been stable for this setup ?
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  1. I am running the big brother of the P6T.. The P6T Deluxe w/OC Palm and am running Corsair Dominator 1600 triple channel ram at stated speed with no problems.

    I would suggest you do use latest Bio's or the 1102's. Since the newer Bios' well help in case you got a Core i7 920 with DO stepping and other fixes.

    Also go to Asus VIP Forum board and sign up. There are other people that have the same Mobo and where they help each other out.

    Hope this helps answer some of your questions.
  2. thanks. i should be setting the system up tommorow. I will update for anyone who is interested. Hope i can get the memory to work without bod.
  3. They will work, just make sure that you set the speeds by hand as they do not have an XMP profile.
  4. I've got a p6t deluxe and 2 of those memory sets. They did work until after a failed oc when the bios acts up. they still run, but only at 533 intead of 800mhz
  5. I finally have it set up and runin sorry for late update, been busy at work.
    I agree with neiroatopelcc
    My system is only stable at 1333 mhz if i run it at 1600 as its supposed it crashes or restarts when i play games.

    Played world of warcraft and eudemons online and both games made system crash at 1600mhz while its stable at 1333 not sure why, i did not play around with any of the timings.

    Aditionally, The Mobo has preset its default as 1066 which u need to change manually.
    Even if you leave it as Auto it will only read 1066, for now 1333 is stable.
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