Recommendations for new system drive

My raptor 74gb system drive has just failed to register in bios, checked boot options and it aint there!!! :( Assuming its knackered and would like some recommendations for a replacement please.

Main use is music & video editing, rarely used for web, never for games.

Is it worth having these high speed drives, i didnt notice a great deal of performance difference with the raptor, just heaps noisier and a constant battle for disk space!

Would a samsung spinpoint be a cost effective replacement? Have seen the SSD but they are expensive and again offer small disk sizes. Have been warned against western digital although seem to be market leader atm.

A bit skint and a bit stuck, any ideas you can offer would be greatly appreciated.


AMD phenom 9550
4gb ram
2 x WD600 raid 1
1 x 74 gb cRaptor
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  1. WD Caviar Black 1TB.
  2. Check out the Caviar Black 1TB by Western Digital.
  3. I second the WD 1TB Caviar Black, they work great and provide lots of storage.
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