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Hello all,

I am having a problem. I want to pick up new graphics card. Cureently I have a pentium 2 duo 3.16. I currently have 9800 gt 512. I know I can upgrade to the gtx 280, but really want to buy the gtx 295. In your opinion can I even run this card on pentium 2 duo 3.16. my power supply is a 750 w. that should be enough. I just purchased this pc from alienware so everything is up to date. i just wanted to upgrade the graphics card. Thanks everyone for your help.
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  1. I would seriously just go with a 280, it's more than enough for anything.
  2. Hello and welcome to the forums mate :)
    What resolution do u play at?
  3. ^+1 based on the resolution u play at, we can suggest if the 280 or 295 is required...
  4. I play at 1680x 1050. I guess I now have 2 questions. Will the 295 gtx even work with a Pentium 2 core duo 3.16. and will the gtx 280 be sufficient. I dont want to slow my computer down as well. Thanks for all your help.
  5. Yes, that Pentium (i assume it's an E8500) will push any graphics card you throw at it, especially if you overclock it, but there is no need to overclock.

    Playing @ 1680 x 1050, (i'm guessing a 22-inch monitor?) you will NOT need the GTX295, it would be overkill, but you could still get one and run it fine, and it'll be nice to have if you decide to get a 24-inch monitor with higher resolutions...
  6. Isnt your 9800GT good for u ?for 1680x1050 i think its a decent kard,do u have probs with it ?
  7. I would say just get a 280 and overclock it. The 285 is pretty much the same as the 280 just with slightly higher stock speeds and slightly less power draw thanks to the die shrink.
  8. To answer a few of the questions yes I have a 22 inch. I also feel my 9800 gt is good. My problem really comes down to buyers remorse around for duo 3.16 and 9800 gt. I can't change the processor but I can change the graphis card. After all I am a gamer at heart. What I want is a card that will run my games maxed out without slowdown. I would like to run crysis on high as well. Your opinion is going to determine what I buy. At this point I would.take amy recomwndation. Ps my motherboard is a Asus 750i. Thanks again everyone
  9. for that resolution i recommend u keeping the card but if u want to buy a new card,i recommend getting a ATI HD 4870 or GTX 260 216 SP
  10. Thanks all. So what you are saying is that my card is plenty. The only thing I am wondering is there any way that a higher end card won't allow me to play settings on max for my games.
  11. The 9800gt is a good card. It really is all about the resolution, and a 9800gt can handle 1680x1050 easily.

    I had an 8800gt and upgraded to a 4870. The 4870 is easily better in everything, but I'm still not sure it was worth paying what I did when I already had a card that played games great at that resolution.

    A gtx280 would be overkill. A gtx260 would be just as good as a 4870 but personally if I were you I'd just stick with the 9800gt and wait and see what the next round of cards will be like.
  12. thanks all. One more question and then I will leave you all alone. any recomendations on RAM DDR2. I want to add 2 more sticks right now I have 4 gb ram at i believe 800hz. I would love to upgrade to the ddr3 however I am under the assumption that with my motherboard being asus 750i I can not and it only supports ddr2. I think not sure???
  13. I dont think that board supports DDR3 or anything above DDR2 800.....sorry......but hey with 8GB of RAM (after you add 2 more sticks, 2GB each) you should be more than ok.
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