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Hey guys,

I've recently built a new Intel 775 system with the Q9550 and a Gigabyte GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3R Mobo. Everything has been detected as expected, and Windows loaded up fine. However, I have a couple slight problems. First, when viewing CPU-Z, although my GSkill DDR2 1066 memory seems to be running in Dual-Channel, it is only showing as "PC2-6400 (400 MHz)" under max bandwidth. I was just wondering why it is not running at PC2 8500 (1066). Is there any settings i have to change in the bios, any help would be appreciated.

My second issue may or may not be a problem. But my Q9550 shows up in CPU-z with a core speed of 1999.7Mhz with a 6.0 multiplier. Obviously, this is supposed to be running at 2.83 GHz with a 8.5 multiplier. Is this simply because the CPU is at idle?? Under load does the clock automatically go to its rated speed, and is there a setting that makes it always clock at the rated speed instead of the 1999.7MHz, and is this recommended. Thanks in advanced for any help.
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  1. Yes, you need to manually set the RAM speed, timings, and voltage in the BIOS to get it to run at its rated speed.

    The CPU speed is completely normal. Google speedstep for more info. The CPU will go to full speed when a load is applied. You can turn off speedstep in the BIOS, but I'd just keep it on.
  2. Thanks for the reply...

    After second notice, I think that the memory may be running at the correct speed (DDR2 8500 (1066 Mhz). Below are screenshots from CPU-Z's "CPU", "Memory", and "SPD" tabs. Even though the memory says max bandwidth PC26400 (400 MHz), it is showing up as 533.5 MHz. Does this mean that it is running at 1066, thus the correct speed? If so, why is it showing up as max bandwidth PC26400 (400 MHz). Also, I've checked the bio's, and confirmed with CPU that the correct timings are entered (5,5,5, 15). Also, someone mentioned over at Anandtech that my memory is faster than my default speed for my CPU. I'm confused at what exactly this mean. Do I not want my memory to run at 1066?? Again, thanks for any help, and here are some product links for specs sake, along with the CPU-Z screenshots.




    CPU-Z screens:
  3. Everything looks normal to me. The RAM is running at 1066. Don't worry about changing the RAM speed. Without overclocking your CPU you'd have to down-clock your RAM to DDR2 667 to run at a 1:1 ratio with the FSB. Just leave everything how it is and enjoy your new, fast computer.

    Does the CPU go to full speed when a load is applied?
  4. Yes, I've downloaded Burnin Test and Everest to help test teh stability. When running the CPU test in Burnin Test, the core jumps to 2.8 and the multiplier goes to 8.5. Would you recommend any programs to test stability, or are these programs fine? How long should i run each test. Again, thanks so much for your help. One final question: the only thing that gave me a slight problem during the assembly was the CPU heatsink (its the intel retail one). When snapping in the 4 prongs, at first i could only get 2 or 3 out of the 4 to go in. About 3 or 4 times, I had to un snap them, take off the whole heatsink, adn then retry. I finally got them all in after a few tries. Did this mess up the thermal compound at all? My CPU idles at 39, and when running the CPU tests in Burnin Test, it seems to not go past 55.
  5. answering your last question about reapplying heatsink I would get new thermal paste, wipe the cpu and stock heatsink and apply new past on the processor itself (small dab uncooked rice size) and spread it. To spread I use a zip bag and put my finger in it and you just spread it to get a even layer. I recently made video review of my cooler master v8 so you might watch and look how the thermal compound should be spread.

    Hope this helps.
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