SATA and USB external hard drive issue

Hi there,
I have a SATA2 HDD in an external enclosure with both SATA and USB connectors. If I run it with my desktop for a while using the sata connector, then try to connect it to anything using USB, it won't recognize the drive.

It shows up in device manager as disabled but it won't let me enable it.

Any suggestions other than deleting partitions and reformatting?
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  1. Have you rebooted the system?
  2. sminlal said:
    Have you rebooted the system?

    Haha, seriously?
    Yes. Yes I have. I thought something more intelligent would be offered...
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    Have you tried turning off and on again the external hard drive when changing from SATA to USB. (before connecting the USB cable).

    Example disconnect the SATA, turn power off the hard drive, wait a few seconds turn power back on wait a few seconds connect USB connector..
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  5. Surprisingly, connecting the USB or SATA cable AFTER turning on the hard drive's power helped with the computer recognising it. Thanks for the help guys!
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