My Monitor Finally Died Today :( + Monitor Advice.

It's a sad day today. My ailing Samsung 2232BW+ finally stopped showing signs of life. A few weeks ago I posted that it started to flash for a few minutes when it was turned on. Well, 3 weeks later, it's finally gone. It had its flaws, but served me well for the few months it was with me. I made a home for it last August and it suffered through to the end. I had it for barely over 7 months. I have since then ordered a replacement monitor, an Acer 243W, which should help photo editing, games and word processing. Has anyone else owned a monitor that has lived a short life? Also, does anyone else own or have experience with the Acer 243W
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  1. 7 month ur wanrranty should still cover if it wasnt second hand :D
  2. I've lost my receipt :(. I've looked everywhere and cannot find it.
  3. Some stores can find the receipt back if you have the date and/or credit-card number the purchase was made with (if any). Not that I insist on you getting another LCD, but asking for a warranty replacement is, IMO, the only way we can make manufacturers "pay" for using cheap components. In the end you could always re-sell the replacement LCD to get something else, but not claiming your warranty is like encouraging manufacturers to keep lowering quality because it will be profitable.
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