What to go with my AMD 7850 BE

Hey all,
I am going to buy a AMD athlon 7850 Black Edition

And i am having a hard time decide on a Motherboard for this CPU. I want something in the 70 $$ Range.
i have seen some really good deals in the combo's but still unsure. So if you would plz look in the combo's of that processor and tell me what you think is the best i wo uld really appeciate it.

I really have my heart set on Asus. So if you find a combo in about the 130$ range plz post it back
Plz post maybe a couple in order of best so i have a few choices

Thank you so much!!!

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  1. don't need onboard video, and if you would plz list why you chose that mobo i'd appeciate it ty
  2. hey i use the asus m3n78 pro pretty good old thread but js :) i over clock @3.2 and its stable perfect :)
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