Palit HD4870 Sonic Dual Editon - No Signal


I recently bought a Palit HD4870 1GB Sonic Dual Edition graphics card.

I inserted the card into my computer and plugged everything in including the 2x 6 pin power connectors. When I turned on my computer I had no signal to my monitor (posted, loaded windows, graphics card fans spun). Puzzled, I tried taking the card out and reinserting in, but to no avail. I then tried the card in my brothers computer and it worked fine.

After trying many different things, including unplugging everything, updating the motherboard's bios and trying a different PSU, I became quite confused as to what was causing the problem. Searching the net wasn't of much help.

Eventually I tried the card in my friend's computer (exact same components) and it also had no signal to the monitor.

My best guess would be some sort of compatibility issue with the motherboard. If anyone has any other ideas as to what might be causing the problem I would greatly appreciate it.

Computer specs:
Asus P5Q Motherboard
G.SKILL PC2-8500 4GB PI Series DDR2 1066mhz RAM
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400

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  1. If you can post and get into the bios then I think it is a driver conflict. Did you previously run an Nvidia card? Even after deleting the old drivers and cleaning you may still have windows settings that prevent the HD4870 from displaying. Load windows in the safe mode (you may have to use your old card) then run 'msconfig' and turn off all your startup menu items and all non MS service apps. (You can experiment trying to find out which one is the problem or just stop all of them) Now restart windows and you should be able to load the CCC and after everything is back up and running you can run msconfig again and turn all the stuff back on. You should be good to go from then on.
  2. I can't even get into the bios, had to put my old graphics card in to reflash the bios.
  3. The card may be DOA. RMA it.
  4. you cant call it DOA, it worked on his brother's computer.

    this card has 2 bios on it. try flipping the switch between turbo mode and sonic mode and see what you get.
  5. I tried flipping the bios switch and had no luck
  6. Agreed, missed that.
  7. i have the same problem here
    P5Q motherboard i plugged in my Palit HD4870 Sonic Dual Editon and all i get was a black screen i switched to the other bios and i get the same problem. the system boots up, you can here the sounds of vista but no screen very strange!? :pfff:
    for now i switched to my older MB "P5W DH deluxe" and it works fine the only thing that bothers me here is when i switch to turbo mode the black screen suddenly reappears :??: it works absolutely fine in normal mode but it's a little confusing. :??:
    and i can here every sound in vista, but again no screen but hey i'm happy it isn't my card.
    probably it's something with the P5Q MB i think but maybe somebody has a solution?
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