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Sorry this just bugged me.
Im looking to get a new drive, and ive been poking around trying to find the differnce between the 32mb and 64mb Cache drives. Is there a difference in speeds ect?
Im looking at the WD Caviar Black im sticking to 7200rpm 64mb cache but is it really worth that extra few bucks.
Then I also saw this HDD:
Western Digital caviar Green 2Tb, Sata3G , with intellipower ( 5400-7200rpm for powersaveing ) , 64mb cache for less than the Caviar Black
now i dont know if its running at 5400 or 7200.

Sorry if this is a crappy question, but it just bugged me :??:

Thanks in advance
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  1. There will be no real performance difference due to the cache size itself. However sometimes a drive with a larger cache has other improvements (such as denser platters) which result in better performance.

    Note that all of WD's "Green" drives are designed to save power and one of the ways they do that is to spin at lower speeds - so they have poorer performance than the "Black" drives. But they're a good choice for bulk storage where performance isn't an issue. I particularly like the "Green" drives for use in external enclosures because they run quite a bit cooler.

    The best thing to do is to check reviews for the specific models you're interested in, or at least look at the drive specifications. The drive specs for WD drives are available on their website.
  2. Shot. Im going to run my OS and software of the drive so ill stick with the Caviar Black and i get a 5yr warranty where on the green i only get a 3yr.
    You really helped me
    Thanks alot
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