Migrating a RAID array XP32 -> XP64

I am planning on installing XP 64 on a MSI P35 NEO2 FR (ICH9R) system. The machine is currently running XP Pro with everything on the Volume0 Raid5 array. I am looking to adding a new "C:" drive with XP 64, moving the Volume0 in as a say "d:" Can I do this? The Raid is loaded with tons of photos.
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  1. If your current volume is not full, you may be better off creating a second primary partition on volume_000 so you can put "My Documents" on that partition (select My Documents, right-click, select properties, move My Documents to new partition - it'll have a drive letter). If XP fails, you won't lose your data on a reinstall. Then when you install XPx64 to the new HDD, you can re-set its "My Documents" to the same location; your documents and data remain in the RAID volume.

    Whatever option you choose, please backup those files to another HDD (or other media) before you start changing things around.
  2. Thank you, I've got it done. I was having a problem with the INTEL ICH9R drive for XP64. The only way you can load it is the old F6 trick, but it has to come off the "A:" floppy drive. Talk about nutty, they don't even have a FDD controller on their MB....what were they thinking? Hardware<-/->Software, yikes!
  3. You're welcome.
    Next time download and install nLite, download sp2 for XPx64, and put your motherboard drivers in a folder and copy your XP installation CD to another folder on your HDD. You can then use nLite to slipstream a custom install image using the install CD folders/files, the sp2, and all your drivers including the "F6" RAID drivers (you won't need a FDD at all). Then you can burn the bootable image to a CD with nero or roxio.
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