STILL 5.9??? Seriously, come on already!

Short of installing an SSD, what real hope is there to improve the systems' performance rating?
I realize that it's just a number, but with as near-top-of-the-line as this new system is, with 0+1 10k RPM VRaptors, it's still just 5.9 on the RipOff-scale...

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  1. I wouldn't read much into this .. I had 4Gb RAM and a rating of 5.9
    I installed an additional 4Gb RAM and my rating dropped to 5.8

    Go figure ..... :-/
  2. While the Windows Experience Index is not a particularly good benchmark, the fact that most SSDs score in the 7's and HDDs max out at 5.9 is a reasonably ballpark-accurate portrayal of the performance differences between them. Yes, if the index was more reflective of reality then the Velociraptors should probably score a point or two higher. But if you want an SSD-style score, you really need an SSD.
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