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My new computer parts are arriving tomorrow and I ordered everything but one of these. What's the best way to ground myself without one of these? I will NOT be assembling the computer on a carpet. Should I get a wristband from radioshack? I think they sell em, but I also read a review that their wristbands are total crap.. as in sometimes the wires are broken even. Ha.
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  1. i wonder too would it work by putting a pair of latex glove on ???
  2. Just keep yourself and ALL the parts your working on grounded. Even if that means running speaker wire to the nearest cold water pipe and wrapping the bare metal around yourself.

    OR...well, we all know people that have assembled thousands of computers without shocking a part to death without a grounding strap. you just have to keep yourself and all the parts grounded during the entire process...and not get it wrong.
  3. so does wear latex glove prevents statics?
  4. Latex gloves may work, but they usually have a powdery residue on them.

    I would suggest washing your hands before working. Dry air and skin contribute to static shocks. Touch the case or something metal before touching the parts.
  5. Yeah, i touch the CH radiator or a water tap before handling every part. But then again, there were countless times that i forgot and did not, and never damaged anything. One of my friends zapped his new mobo though, but hes a lazy bastard and drags his feet on the carpet when walking - guess he paid the price :)
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