GTX460 2Gb - overclocking and voltage increases

Hi all

Just bagged me a Palit GTX460 2Gb. Been playing with MSI Afterburner to get a higher clock after seeing some threads about people scoring over 900Mhz Core.

Not had much luck, it doesnt seem to want to go far.

Is it safe to up the voltages? How much can I go to? Does anyone know of an overclocking guide for the 2Gb version?

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  1. No, but I'd really like to see some benches of your card versus mine (EVGA GTX 460 1gb SC). I have a bit of buyer's remorse even though I love my card it's just that I should've waited!

    Mostly I play BFBC2 and with all on High and 16AF and 8xAA, but my average frames are about 40 to 45 depending on the map with highs of 60's and low about 28-30.

    I wonder if your card would do much better considering the extra ram especially with the AA turned up. I play at 1920x1080
  2. I'll do you a deal - if you tell me how you benchmark and what you use to benchmark (links?) - i'll do it and post the results up.

    I'm pretty new to benchmarking so will be useful.

    The 2Gb seems to have come in handy for me with GTA4 mainly...with every setting to maximum, it states that it will need around 1250Mb minimumn to run...leaving the rest to make the game run smooth. So far so good.

    My Rig includes an AMD X4 965 OC'd to 4Ghz and 2Gb of 800Mhz RAM slowed down to 667Mhz to allow the CPU to Overclock.

    Do you think this RAM could bottleneck anything?

    I'm also using XP so still using Direct X 9, if that makes any difference?

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