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Error 2203

hi guys.........

when i install microsoft download manager,it displays that error 2203.........

any solution for error 2203.

i am using using windows 7 ultimate n 32 bit
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    Hi mrfi5,

    Have you tried re-installing the Windows Installer?

    The most common cause of this error is the default temporary folder (%temp%) having insufficient permissions assigned to it.

    Follow this, it should work for u too.

    (For Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. Should be the same for other versions)

    Apparently, you must have Permissions set for 'SYSTEM' in 2 Temp Folders.

    They are:




    It seems that not having set the right permissions set in any of these folders will not allow microsoft installer to read the files, even though they are already inside.

    So, they work in tandem:

    I had an error that stated that it was the file in C:\Windows\Installer that could not be read.

    Well, I checked and full control was given to 'SYSTEM' in the installer folder, but the problem was fixed after I gave 'SYSTEM' permissions for the C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Local\Temp

    How to add permissions:

    1. Right click folder - Properties - Security tab

    2. In 'Group or usernames', you should have 1. Your account name and 2. SYSTEM

    3. If SYSTEM is missing, click 'Edit...', then 'Add...'

    4. In 'Enter object names to select', key in 'SYSTEM' then click OK

    5. Click on 'SYSTEM' and make sure 'Full Control' is checked in the permissions window

    If you can't find the folders

    You'll need to show them hidden folders.

    1. Open any window...IE 'My Computer'
    2. Click Organise -> Folder and Search Options -> View -> Check 'Show hidden files, folders, and drives'

    More here
  2. hi nikorr........thanks for ur reply......

    but still i am having problem.i cannot find the folder C:\Windows\Installer and C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Local\Temp.i have also opened the hidden files.i have tried re installing the ms download manager.but no use.r u telling the steps for windows 7 ultimate N?
  3. In explorer windows click organize > Folder and search option.

    Enable hidden files and folders and system files.

    And un-check Hide protected operating system files

  4. once again thanks for helping me nikorr.
    don't get anger on me bcoz i need one more help.

    i solved the error 2203 problem by the steps u told me.
    when i install ms download manager it didn't display the error 2203 message but in a few second it shows that i have insufficient privileges to acces the directory c:\program data\microsoft\windows\start menu\programs\microsoft download asks me to log on as an administrator.what should i do next and how to log on as an admin.
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  6. Hey, run as admin...

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