Assasins Creed

Will Assasins Creed run ok on the following Spec:

4 GIG Ram
750 GIG HD
Core 2 Quad Q6600
1 GIG Powercolor ATi Radeon HD4670

Please respond. thanks
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  1. As long as you are not expecting to use a large screen and lots of quality settings AA/AF etc then yes it will run fine.

  2. +1^ with HD 4670 u can play smoothly but not at very high resolutions
  3. You can play the game fine. :) Just as Mactronix and Maziar stated. Just don't max out all settings & go real high resolution.
  4. Good pcu but gpu isnt
  5. I have a another slot on my motherboard. I tried putting in a another card but it didn't work. What possibly be wrong? Is it something that i am doing wrong. My motherboard is Foxconn P35AX-S? Got two slots, one blue and one black. The ATi HD4670 is in the blue slot(i think) just want to know if i can have two graphics card in one machine of two different make.
  6. GPU is fine.
  7. jerreece said:
    You can play the game fine. :) Just as Mactronix and Maziar stated. Just don't max out all settings & go real high resolution.

    Thanks for that, i am currently playing Crysis with all the max out setting with AA on and its just running like a dream and card temp doest go over 59 or 60, but I've heard that AC is much more demanding so i am still thinking should i buy the game or not? if you guys have played the game please let me know cus i will go on your advice as to buy AC or not. Thanks.
  8. you could always lower the shadows and then get smooth frame rates like that:)
  9. Yes. Lowering shadows gives the highest performance increase for very little visual loss, in almost every game.
  10. Well i played it fine on a machine with slightly lower specs so you should be fine.
    I used a E4600 2.4 core 2, 2gb ram and a HD3850, which is about the same as a 4670 performance wise, but the 4670 would be the card i would pick of the two, i just think it shades it.

  11. I play assassins creed on a pc with a q6600, 6gigs ram, 600hd, 9800gt high settings 1650x1050. I dont know if this would help but does anyone know if the 9800gt 1gb is better than 4670? If not than youll be fine.
  12. 9800 GT~4830 > 9600 GT > 4670

    but that doesn't mean much, I mean my laptop video card is between the 4670 and 9600 GT in power, so he should be fine. I get 35-40 frames maxed:)

    He'll be fine for the most part, sometimes i put shadows on med to get higher frames, or I just go DX 9.
  13. guys i am not happy with ATi 4670. During AC Game play is fine but when UBI soft title screen runs you get horixontal lines on the screens and also during the cut scenes i get horizontal lines on the screen, i can see the diplay but these horizontal lines put me off the game play, can any one help? thanks
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