Laptop sleeps anyway when set to Always on

Hello all. I'm hoping someone can help me. I have a user who's laptop is running XP with SP3. The power config is set to "always on" so that the laptop never hibernates or goes to sleep. However, when the user leaves for the day, she returns the next morning to a sleeping computer. THe power button is flashing blue and she must push it in order for the laptop to wake up. THe laptop is sitting on a laptop docking station. Laptop is a Dell Latitude E5510.

This presents a problem because it does not allow the user to connect to her laptop from home via VPN. We have many users configured this way and they are all working fine. Does anyone have any ideas?
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  1. Check the power management drivers and software from Dell?
  2. Yep. I've checked the system and there is no dell power management software installed. When we receive our machines, we format the hard drive and do a clean XP install on them.
  3. Install the power management, even if you install a non-Dell image on the computers, you want chipset, power management, and the other regular drivers on there from the vendor.
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