Dual Monitor

Here's a tuffy.

8 gigs Mushkin
AMD Phenom2 X4
Vista 64
I run dual 22" monitors on my ATI 4870 X2.

I am an advanced computer user and a gamer but I'm stuck on this one.
I recently updated my ATI drivers to the current version.. I only noticed one difference from previous driver updates. It switched my primary monitor. So all of a sudden my primary was on the right instead of the left. Easy enough to fix, it's just a simple setting. Before I fixed this, I decided to jump in a game with a buddy of mine.. Company of Heroes. I played the game on the right hand monitor since I had not changed my settings. After the game I changed my settings and everything seemed fine. All of my other apps/games etc. run fine on the proper monitor now. One game doesn't.. CoH (the game I played before the switch back) When I run CoH the executable runs just fine..(In the processes, it's running the same as usual, same CPU and memory usage etc) the problem is you can't see the game on either monitor nor it even on the task bar.
I did the obvious, checked all the settings etc.. The game will run fine if I set to just one monitor.
I took it one step farther.. Unistalled drivers and the game. (made sure to get rid of any .ini or temps that unistalling might miss) Re-installed.... same thing. HHmm.. So I went back to previous video driver... HHmm same thing.
My guess.. (but I can't seem to find anything on it) is that the registry has specific entries for each program to remember the location that it was opened.
Keep in mind that I have a lot of computer experience and have tried much more then I listed here. It would have been 10 pages long. ;)
Any ideas? It would be much appreciated.
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  1. ive had the same problem before when running dual monitor. what you want to do is set your right screen back to primary. while the game is running, alt+tab out and try to move the window over to the left screen the set your left screen to primary. its worked for me in the past.
  2. Yeah, I did run across another post with the same solution.. It didn't work... I think the reason it doesn't is because you have to run the game windowed to drag it, therefore not saving the last "maximized" location.

    Thanks for the comment though..
  3. no problem. but some games do have a window that hides when in use, thats why i suggested it. though i will try to find another way.
  4. Yeah, I changed the main display, try to run the game and the same thing happens.. so I disable the left (extended) monitor and run the game fine on the right. Then I enable dual mode again and drag it over to the left. Then switch the main back to the left.. no go. Still runs minimized with nothing showing on the task bar. Very odd.
  5. I typically do a re-format every 3 months or so and I'm about do.. that will solve the problem!! :whistle:
    Thanks for trying!!..
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