Socket 478 w/sata 3.0 motherboard

Did anyone ever manufacture a socket 478 motherboard that had/has native sata 3.0 support ?? Thanks
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  1. SATA 3? Not a chance. I doubt there were any SATAII boards either, but that might be possible. If your still on S478, its time for an update.
  2. MY bad - Does anyone know if they ever manufactured a 478 board with native support for SataII @ 3.0 Gbps?? Sorry, Thanks.
  3. Still doubt it.,2845,1150037,00.asp

    They never mentioned SATAII. Asrock might have made a S478 board that used the 915 chipset, I don't remember if that used SATAII or not. If your asking because you want to put a SATAII in your S478 board, go ahead and do it. Its backwards compatible with SATA so it will work. It might be a touch slower, but there are few drives out there right now that can get and move data faster then SATA.
  4. Thanks for the lead - :)
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