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I'm a noob @ overclocking! running my Core i7 920 @4.1GHz and my idle temp is 33 to 35 degrees, 65 to 68 when running the rendering test. I use MAXON 64bit and my results for the CPU test is surprisingly lower than the results I get when I overclock to 3.8GHz.

I'm using
ASUS mother board P6T SE
Kingston DDR3 1600MHz
ATI HD 5770 Graphics card
2X320 GB Western Degital 7200 RPM (Raid 0) configuration
Power supply is GIGABYTE Superb 720W.

Can someone give me some advice regarding my settings and how should I solve such an issue?
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  1. can you use CPU-Z (its free) and whilst CPU is under load, press the validate button. Copy the link and paste it here.

    Also did you increase the voltage of your CPU?

    If yes, how much to?

    did you increase the voltage of your RAM?
  2. Hi,

    thank you for your response

    Ratio: 20.0
    BCLK: 190
    CPU voltage: 1.25000
    QPI DRAM: 1.2125
    CPU PLL: 1.82


    I also want to know if you recommend a limit to how much I should overclock my CPU. I got the best result and stability with these settings and the highest temp while running the rendering test is around 63 C.
  3. I recieved an emal says that there's a reply here, but I yet can't see new answers..
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