Case: Straying from flashy, looking toward simple yet effective.

Did I mention I want it to look gorgeous?
I need some help looking for a new case. I really had my mind set on a Haf 932, but i'd rather stick to a sleek case design that's good with cooling yet simple.
I'd rather not have a door, but convince me otherwise.

For reference, I absolutely love the brushed metal look of these cases:

ABS Canyon

Gigabyte Mercury

Silverstone TJ07-S Silver

Silverstone TJ09-BW Black

Cooler Master ATCS Silver

Those are the cases I had my eye on, but they do cost a fair bit higher than I intended on paying. If there are others with generally the same design for cheaper, please do point me in the right direction because as of now Ive only been using newegg and don't have any background knowledge of these companies in respect to the price/performance/quality ratios.

I absolutely LOVE the ATCS though, it's a decent price and it seems to be very effective.

I don't mind a few LED's either, as long as it doesn't take away from it, or look tacky.
Thanks in advance :)
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  1. look at some lian-li products
  2. Brushed metal is so passée.
  3. Take a look at LIAN LI. They are by far the simplest sleekest and most performing cases out there. The following is an example of performance and simplicity. If ever you want to mod it for water cooling then you can buy pre-modded parts. LIAN LI is built for versatility as well as performance.

    There are also flashier LIAN LI's but they tend to be very expensive.
  4. +1 for Lian LI
  5. What is your price range?
  6. EDIT: I absolutely fell in love with this baby:

    Lian Li PC-A70A Silver

    Ive been looking for reviews, but I can't find any on this case. It's beautiful though.
    Thank you for posting the link to t performance-pcs. There is definitely a wider selection!.
  7. Here are some reviews for the black one which is exactly the same:

    All the reviews I have seen say it is a very quiet very well ventilated and extremely well built case. Space for everything. Also the site I showed you has pre-modded side panels and top panels if you want to go water cooling OR you can do the mods yourself. Honestly, I love the case but they are a bit expensive but well worth it.
  8. Thanks moonblood :)

    I'm pretty sure this is my case. gahh I love it.
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