Help with understanding temps and stuff

I have a phenom II 555be. It unlocks to 4 cores. I was told that I could easily overclock it to 3.6ghz when unlocked.

My system

Gigabyte GA-MA785GMT-UD2H mobo
XFX HD 5850
Corsair 620hx PSU
Phenom II x2 555be --> unlocks to 4 cores
Cooler master hyper 212+ with 2 fans

In speedfan the other temps were hotter though, temp1 and 2. But the cpu temp was lower. normal? These are just with prime 95 and speed fan running.

temp1: 32
temp: 49
temp3: 42
Core: 38

just the locked 555be cores at 3608.15ghz temps in the OCCT test were from 36-38 celsius.

I am going to do the same test but unlocked at 3608.15 ghz. I'll update with my results. But can anyone explain the temperatures I am getting?
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  1. IMO, try running HWMonitor and Real Temp instead of Speed Fan. The problem with Speed Fan is you need to edit the names yourself, so it's quite possible that you have the sensors mixed up as far as what's what. Generally speaking, the CPU temp is roughly equal to your core temps. You may also have the GPU temp showing as well, and/or NB temp. I don't know specifically with your mobo what sort of temp sensors it has. HWMonitor does a pretty good job of putting all the temp sensors where they should be... give that a try and see if it makes any more sense.
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