24/7 Overclock Temperatures for i7-930?

What would be a stable overclock with an i7-930 to run 24/7? I'm asking more in terms of temperatures because I know all cpu's are different in their ability to overclock. If you have overclocked your i7-930 before could you list your specs and temps?
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  1. You are likely to get many different and varied answers to this question. My view is a stable i7 930 system:
    a) Must pass the intel burn test and no core should exceed 80 degrees during that test;
    b) It must survive prime for a minimum of 6 hours without any errors.

    My specs are as set out in the link: http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=1381551 and my load temps under intel burn test do not exceed 75 degrees
  2. Hi,

    To help us help you can you provide the following please:-

    CPU:- i7-930

    Current speed of your CPU:-

    CPU Cooling (i.e 'stock heatsink & fan', or branded after market):-

    Memory (including Number of moduals):-

    Graphics card/s:-


    Number of fans and where and how they are setup (i.e 'one at front sucking in, one at top blowing out etc):-

    What you use your PC for (i.e gaming, enuthiast overclocking, word processing, photo stuff):-

    What will you be doing that requires an overclock 24/7?
  3. CPU: i7-930
    Current Speed: Stock
    CPU Cooling: TRUE 120
    Memory: Corsair XMS3 6GB (3 x 2gb) 1600MHz
    Graphics Card: Sapphire 5850 Toxic 1gb DDR5
    Case: Coolermaster Cosmos S
    Fans: 8 total
    Locations: 1 pulling in air from the front, 1 pulling in air from the bottom, 2 on the cpu heatsink, 3 blowing out at the top, 1 blowing out air at the back
    PC Use: Gaming
    I would like to to keep a low stable overclock so in order to run my system faster
  4. Well mate, with the kit you have I would say easily 3.4GHz, with no problems at all.

    3.6GHz, should be fine. I can get this stable on a i7 920 running prime95 for 7 hours, then got bored and played games. So a 930 should be more then ok. I believe you can reach this at stock voltage if you have a decent chip, maybe a tiny increase otherwise. this should not effect temps much.

    3.8GHz. Should be doable with out to much hassle and tweaking. I'm currently managing this on my CPU. I play BC2 for about 4 hours at a time, Total war Napoleon for a few hours at a time, Supreme commander II for several hours at a time, and even METRO2033 stable for 2 hours. Non of them have ever crashed.
    Although it nice to overclock, cos you feel like your getting way more then your moneys worth, with the graphics card you have you wont notice much if and difference in games. Your card will bottle next everything else. 2 high end cards will make you use more CPU, but even then your stock is probably high enough. I'm yet to play a game that come anywhere near maxing my CPU out. I'd say on average most high end games hit around 75% of CPU but it troughs and peaks alot.

    If you use dual screen, on the spare screen run MSI Afterburner, and CORETEMP, and a gadget that will show your core speeds. I bet whatever game you play MSI afterburner will show your GPU working way harder then your CPU ever will.

    Your air system sounds good, so if you wanna overclock go for it mate. I think 3.6GHz would be a sweet spot for you unless you want bragging rights to your mates :O)
  5. With that cooler and set up I think even 4ghz won't be much of a hassle.
  6. strife_1980 said:
    With that cooler and set up I think even 4ghz won't be much of a hassle.

    even running it 24/7?
  7. it all depends on what your settings and how far you want to over clock ... i have mine a 3.6 24/7 no problems with a hyper 520n heatsink ....
  8. Yeah 4ghz on a true should be achievable for 24/7 use. I doubt very much whether temps will be your problem. If you fail to achieve 4ghz it will be likely be down to your processor. From what I see most people can hit 4 ghz but if you have a dud processor it may need too much vcore to achieve that overclock.

    I think intel specs say up to 1.36 volts for the i7930. Based on what I see in these forums people are needing anywhere from 1.22 volts to 1.4 volts to achieve 4ghz (that is for those who do achieve that overclock). The higher the voltage the more likely the load temps are to be unpalatable for 24/7 use.
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