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Hi all, This is my second request for help on this hard drive problem.
I installed a second hard drive in my new build but it's not showing up in "My Computer" at all.
But it does show up in the BIOS. And also in "Device Manager". This is what I see when I click on it. "Location 0 (Channel 0, Target 0, Lun 0)"
It also say "This device is working properly"
The first hard drive (my boot drive) is a Kingston SSD 128 GB which has Windows 7 OS on it, the second (the one playing hard to get) is a Samsung Spinpoint 1 TB.
I added the second drive about a month after building and starting the computer. I'm not sure what to do. I thought it had to be in "My Computer" before formatting it. By the way, I do get an error message on bootup about "No Hard Drive detected".
What must I do, and how do I do it, to be able to use the drive.
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    Windows won't see a hard drive in "explore" UNTIL THE DRIVE IS FORMATTED! You can do it in Disk Management:

    Go to start/computer/right-click/choose Manage/click on Disk Management/right click on the graphical display of the new drive/choose allocate or New Simple Volume (follow the prompts for these procedures)/then right click/choose format. You also may have to mark the drive as active.

    Since you get a "No Hard Drive Detected" on boot up, check your boot order in BIOS. Make the SSD first boot.

    Then make sure the SSD shows up in Device Manager under Disk drives, not a hot-swap drive. I'll look for the thread about this problem. (sminlal gave the answer, that's all I remember.)
  2. Thanks foscooter,
    I went to Disk Management and it did the above. No problem anymore. The SSD was, and still is, my first boot. But my spinpoint is now formatted and in "Computer".
    When starting up, the computer still says "No Hard Drive Detected". But I've talked to someone else with both type of drives in their computer, and they get the same message. I'll ignore it since the computer works fine.
    So thanks for the help.
    It's really appreciated.
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