When can I expect a price drop for the GTX260 core216?

I was just wondering when the next price drop is gonna be for the 200 series, pacifically the GTX260 core 216. Is there gonna be a price drop when the 300 series comes out later this year? I was planning on upgrading from my 9800GTX+ setup sometime in June or July, I know it might not be worth it but I'm a computer lover. Any help would be appreciated
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  1. There was already a big price drop. They were running about 250 US and now can be had for 199.
  2. When HD4890 is released next month at $199, GTX 260 core 216 should fall to less than $170, guess by the end of April.
  3. It`s happening now, with both sides engaged in a vicious, bare knuckle, throat slitting price war.
    I`d wait until you need/want to do the upgrade and check prices then.
  4. In 2 days 19 hours 25 minutes 56 seconds.
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