How many Graphics cards fit on one board?


I was wondering what motherboards have the most slots (PCI-Xpress or AGP) ....I am starting a pretty massive VHS to AVI conversion project and I want to build a system that I could plug as many cards as possible into and convert all at the same time...

Thanks for your help! :lol:
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  1. well since ati stream still needs work ill have to suggest an nvidia build

    3x gtx 285
    i7 975

    but i doubt ull be able to stream all simultaneously, i suggest u stream all to raw with a few 2tb hdds and then u can set them all to convert, but ull nedd alotta ram and make sure the software supports cuda and multiple instances can be run simultaneously, if only stream was further along,
  2. Okay...So that's really my next question...can a CPU take four or more streams and put them on a Hard-Drive (or an array of drives maybe??!!) in an organized manner?!
    Bascially I'm going to have a bunch of VCR's hooked up to this one computer, I was thinking just using VM's and streaming the data simulatneously, I would DEFINATELY stream the data raw first and convert it later, just need to know if the GPU would be doing work...I'm in over my head right now, really need someone to walk me thru this!
  3. seriously, yes but ull need a hell of alot of addon cards to hook all of those vcrs up, unless u plan for all those addon cards to be usb, u might have to loose some of that cuda power. the virtual machines idea will not be worth the time, also it might not even make sense, the hardware u choose for this will make or break this endevour

    lots of tv cards
    lots of storage
    the most powerfull quad/hexa core money can buy
    lots of ram
    software to properly utilise all this hardware

    u dont need someone to walk u thru this, just no that ur 2 best friends are god and google, because someone was in the same position ur in now, and most likely, googles gotcha back.

    recording to raw dose not take alot of processing power, it takes alot of hdd bandwith, i mean ur shiny i7 will become practically unresponsive due to the load on the hdd, so raid 0 is a must and if the budget allows ssd i used to record to raw on my old single core and it never went above 25% cpu usage. but when converting, the quad and cuda will really shine
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