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Hello all,
I had previously asked a thread about overclocking the cpu northbridge of the amd phenom 2 processors.
Ok so let me start when the people say that they can overclock the northbridge at 1.3 v that is they have changed the cpu-nb vdd according to my motherboard.
The cpu-nb vdd provides the parameters low range to high range , ok let me tell this by cpu vdd that i have set it to 1.4375 that allows me to give the cpu the voltage to about 1.472 to 1.490v .by this my cpu remains stable in prime95 ,this case goes for the northbridge too. When i set my cpu-nb vdd to 1.3 it wont raise the northbridge voltage or it would crash.
I have now changed the voltage that is 1.434 for the northbridge and i am even able to get 2600 mhz but not stable but 2400mhz is very stable.
All i wnt to say is that the bios made for msi mainboards is little flaky.
My board shows safe settings as white colour and unsafe as red. If I do not up my cpu vdd and up the cpu voltage it comes under unsafe settings but when vdda is raised the cpuv voltage also becomes safe.
Ill try to post some screen shots to demonstrate what i am saying.
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  3. my motherboard does not allow the cpu northbridge vdda to go like this and make the northbridge voltage settings safe so i have overvolted it to 1.434 for 2400 mhz is that safe....??????
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