How to overclock Q9550

Hello all of you!

I was just reading another topic in here, about a Q6600 or something, which OP needed help to overclock, which you guys apparently did very well. So here I am, hoping people will help me overclock my system.

I have the following system:
^ I use MasterCooler v8 for the CPU

For starters, I'm a newbie in the OC world. I've seen people in here talking about a OC guide, and I guess this is the one you mean:

So heres the question; before I read the whole guide through, is there anything you guys would like to add? Is everything I need in that guide? I saw some programs, a lot of numbers, pictures (i love pictures) of the BIOS, etc.

Oh and one more *imporant* thing: is my system worth OC'ing, and how much will I proberly get out of it?

Thank you for your time!
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  1. I would say study that guide and then read it + 1 more time or print it out and have it handy while overclocking. That guide is close to the equivalent of the
    "Core 2 overclocking bible" if there was one, LOL

    Basically all the information you need is in that guide. Remember, when overclocking components for the first time, please overclock in small increments and follow it by the book.
  2. The only other thing I would look for is a guide for your specific motherboard.

    CPU-Z indicates that although you have a relatively old C1 core, you have a pretty low VID so you should do fairly well. I'd expect that you should be able to get to at least 3.4 - 3.5 GHz.
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