Looking for replacement for 1TB LaCie ETHERNET DISK GIGABIT

We are a small office, and we are looking for a sensible replacement for our backup storage disk which seems to pack up:

Current disk:
(They don't seem to do the 1TB version any more)

This has got a fan inside and is generally quite noisy. We don't even have a rack to put it into. Here more details:

We are three people all using MAC PROs with OSX 10.6.4 and 1TB space is definitely enough. We were wondering whether there is something a bit smaller and 'less sophisticated'.

What would we go for if we wanted to access the drive remotely / What would we go for if we didn't want to access the disk remotely?

Many thanks for any suggestions.
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  1. something like this, although it doesn't include drives:


    Get 2 drives and put them in RAID 1. If you have a really really really important file (or set of files) copy them to CD or DVD once a week and get them off site.

    Not endorsing this specific product, but my search terms were "raid nas server" - that type of thing.
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