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I got a Sapphire Radeon HD4850 1GB at Christmas, and it ran fine. It was idling at 39/40c, and only getting to ~55c while playing. About a week later, TF2 started randomly freezing for several seconds at a time. Sometimes it would happen 2-3 times in a sitting, sometimes it wouldn't happen for 2-3 days. In CoD4, instead of freezing, it lowers down to ~15FPS for the same amount of time. I checked my temperature a few minutes ago, and it is now idling at 50c and getting up to 65/70c while playing. I haven't overclocked or changed any settings whatsoever. Has anyone else experienced these problems, or know of a fix?
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  1. The temp changes can simply be due to the changes in the ambient temperature of your room. Between Christmas and now the temp outside has risen so the temp inside and of your computer cases has as well. The temps your hitting are fine for the 4850. My 4850's idle in the 60's and hit the 80's when gaming. This is after adjusting the fan. If i leave the fans on auto the cards idle in the 70's and hit the 90's while gaming, all with no problems. Have you been updating your Catalyst drivers? Its possible the pauses in your games are caused by newer drivers. You can try rolling back to an old driver but if your cards are only hitting the 70's then I would say that its not a heat issue causing the pausing. If you arent running the latest drivers try updating, a newer driver may fix your problems if you're still running an older driver.
  2. My house always has the heat turned up, so the ambient temperature hasn't changed much, maybe 1 or 2 degrees C.
    Yeah, I've been updating my drivers, but if that was the problem then I wouldn't be getting the freezing before AND after the driver updates.

    I know that the heat isn't bad, but it's a full 10-20 degrees warmer, which is worrying me, considering that I have my fan set to 100%.
  3. Try to clean the video cooling system with air by removing dust accumulate. It could help.
  4. I have already checked through my system, little to no dust at all.

    I'm thinking that a lot of my problems with this card may be stemming from my old pre-built motherboard. Can't wait until my new parts get in =/
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