Many problems continue with upgrade

this has been going on for 4 months now. Started with a power spike or something. The computer would not boot, as it "lost" the hard drive. Replaced the HD and now it would not post. Took it to the shop and found the CPU/MB were toast. OK told them to upgrade the system. The new MB needed a 8 pin power lead, the old PSU did not have so told them to replace that also. It is done and all set up with XP and runs great at the shop. Bring it home, and decide to upgrade to 8 gigs of RAM. Put it in and set it up and now I get "No Signal Detected" from the Monitor.

I have one idea to change the RAM back and try it. Seems like there power to the GPU, the fan is turning.

Looking for more ideas to try as I get time to work on it. So busy at work, no time at home.
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  1. Full specs please.
  2. Q6600
    MSI D45 MB (Platinum I think)
    8800 GTS 320
    now 8 gigs corsair ddr2 800 old 4 gig OZ ddr2
    500 WD drive
    850W Antec PSU
    CD and DVD

    Currently XP pro, will upgrade to Vista 64 when I get it working

    What am I forgetting?
  3. The new RAM probably requires a voltage increase on the board to work.
    Unplug the power.
    Put the old RAM back in.
    Find out what settings the new RAM wants.
    Make the changes in the BIOS, save them, and shut down.
    Unplug the power.
    Insert 4GB of the new RAM, not all 8.
    Make sure 4GB works first.
  4. Please note Proximon's advice to UNPLUG the power. You don't want +5VSB going to your mobo when you are adding and/or removing hardware, or an inadvertent contact to cause the system to power up. At the very least, turn off the switch on the back of the PSU.
  5. The best I can tell, the new RAM wants 1.9 Volts. I think 1.8v is the normal setting. Is 0.1v enough to cause the machine to not boot? Would having 4 sticks change the sensativity difference?

    Yes, we always work away from the power. No way to power it up on the table I work on.
  6. Nope, 1.9V SHOULD boot fine. However, when you use 4 sticks for 8GB like that, sometimes it needs more. Cut it back, see what happens.
  7. Note, He's using XP Pro which doesn't even see 4G.
  8. 64bit?. do you have another gpu, a spare? try clearing the CMOS. Does the power supply fan come on?
  9. Step one was a winner. The old RAM works and the machine is running as I type.

    Next, before I play with the new RAM again, should I install Vista 64?

    Maybe I should just test it now for a day or two, as much as I am working 10 more days straight.

    Thanks for all the help so far, saved me alot of grief, which I will try to pay back by helping others.
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