Compaq F700

I have a Presario F730us laptop that came with a Athlon TK-55 1.6GHz, after running PC Wizard 2010 I noticed that it was running at 832MHz clock multiplier set at 4x...

I purchased the Turion TL-66 2.3GHz thinking it should go a little faster...wrong... this time running PC Wizard this is what I get.

General Information :
Performance Rating : PR-6600 (estimated)
Real Frequency : 903.4MHz
Multiplier : 4x
Startup/Max Multiplier : 4x / 11.5x

Front Side Bus Information :
Bus Speed : 225.8MHz
HT Link : 903.4MHz
Turbo Mode : No

Initial Frequencies :
Frequency : 2300MHz
HTT Frequency : 225.8MHz
Multiplier : 11.5x

Frequency Control :
Core #1 : 814.15MHz
Core #2 : 2310.52MHz

Control Clock Frequency :
Type : PowerNow!
Turbo Mode : No

Thermal Information :
Thermal Design Power : 65 W
Core Power : 65.3 W (estimated)

how do I clock it faster? the Bios will not let me do anything and that is F.1F by Phoenix.
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    It looks like you already did. Shouldn't the stock bus speed be 200? It uses 4x when it doesn't need it and it switches over to 11.5 when there is enough load on the processor. If you want to try to tweak it you will need to download setfsb. I'm sure they don't allow you to overclock by default.
  2. Great..

    thank you.
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