Directx10 problem

I recently installed a GeForce 8800 GT graphics card in my pc and it seems to be running fine except for the dirct x will not update past 8.1. Ive updated my graphics card drivers, reinstalled dirctx but it will not go past 8.1 even if it says direct x has successfully installed.
Has anyone encountered this before or have any suggestions ? :??:
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  1. DX 9 is the maximum DX in windows XP. Only vista has DX 10 and 10.1
  2. Thank you very much for your reply;
    I am aware of this and i do have windows vista home premium, even so it is strange that it will not go past 8.1
  3. Where are you looking? Vista doesn't even come with the DX8 libraries (heck, Vista only ships with DX10 and DX 9.0E).
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