Formatted data recovery programs not working

I used Acronis Drive Cleaner and accidentally formatted wrong HDD and now i can not recover any data from it.

I have already tried Acronis recovery software, Arax Disc Doctor Data Recovery, GetDataBack, Recuva, EASUS and Wondershare Data Recovery, but none of the programs can find deleted files from the drive.

When i formatted, i used Fast Format which should not totally destroy all the data on the hdd, which is why i wonder why i cant find files i am looking for.

Any suggestions on what i should do?
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  1. TestDisk It's free and saved my RAID1 this week. Takes some time, but it found and recovered every partition and file, and fixed the MBR with the backup on my NTFS files.
  2. I tried TestDisk but it didnt work ;< .

    But with OnTrack Easyrecovery and I actually managed to get 24.000~ pictures out of the formatted partition. Too bad every single picture was damaged and on the best cases, only half of the picture was visible, rest blurred/black/gray.

    Guess I'll just let the pictures just go and submit to beating from the owner of the PC :) Thank you for your replies tho.
  3. Did you get your data back? Did the recommended software work? I usually use livecd ( and it seems pretty good.
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