Razer Mamba USB mode problem

ok I bought one of those pricey Razer mouse. but I can't get it to work in USB mode.
the mouse works as describe in wireless mode. but as soon as I switched it to USB mode I get nothing.
no message from windows to say there was an error. this also occurs on my laptop.

both system are dell and are running windows xp Sp3 home edition and media centre edition.

the mouse in usb mode was tried on different ubs ports with and with out the razer drivers.

my old OCZ usb mouse works fines. as dose my logitech g15 keyboard.

only get the issues with the razer mouse in USB mode. I emailed razer followed their trouble shoot no luck.
they made out hardware problem so I post it back with a RMA to the retailer which claims to have test in both modes with no issues whatsoever and have post me back the same mouse which is still dead on both my systems I also tried it on my friends laptop and the same result mouse no detected by windows.

could any one shine a light on what the problem could be or is the retailer just trying to get out of a replacement. the mouse did this from day 1.
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  1. small update.

    the retailer RMA got back to me. with this information

    The following tests were preformed on this unit.

    Connected via USB direct with the battery out. Noted that the switch on the bottom is set to off it works with Windows with no issues, also the battery indicator shows red, due to no battery installed. When switch on bottom is set to on, the mouse will disconnect from windows and stay off due to no power from battery as it is not installed.

    Connected via USB direct with a battery installed. With the switch off, mouse connects to windows as normal with no issues, battery indicator shows charging.
    With switch set to on, mouse disconnects and reconnects to PC as expected and shows battery green indicator.

    Unit was also tested with wireless receiver with no issues experienced.

    Throughout all the tests the mouse worked with no issues and was tested on an XP pro system and Vista Business. No additional drivers were installed!
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