Loosing data (MB battery??)

hey all, after turning on my system i have realized that my taskbar has gone, and some games wont work (have reinstalled but after computer is off for a while it wont work again) some of my programes thinks they have just been installed (as they have lost all settings) even tho they have been installed for ages. my u torrent wont stay installed, have to reinstall it every time. might this be my mobo battery or more of a issue, any help much appreciated???
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  1. It sounds like it may be your harddrive.
  2. It's not your mobo battery....It is most likely something with you installation.
    Have you formatted and re-installed windows? I've seen the lost taskbar before on a customers pc...it had tons of viruses on it !!!!
    How old is the hard drive?
  3. may have found a solution, missing a reg key call "nosavesettings" and set the value, seemed to have worked, hopefully i dont jinx it.... cheers for the help.
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