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I turned on my PC today and it started booting off a 64bit Windows 7 CD that I had left inside. However, my PC (vista 32bit) is supposed to boot off the hard drives (2x 500GB in Raid 1) first, so I restarted my computer and took out the CD.

This time, I got a message that said No Hard Disks Detected. It then moved into the Raid Screen where it said Raid Undefined, and both of my hard drives were listed as Offline Members. I have no idea what happened. I can't boot into windows at all.

Any suggestions or theories?
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  1. I tried using a windows boot disk, and it didn't recognize any operating systems.

    So, I went to the BIOS settings and took it off RAID and put it to IDE. Somehow, it managed to boot into Windows, and it is taking a while to load all the hard drives in My Computer, but it is recognizing the drives and partitions (under the RAID array, I had the hard drives partitioned into one portion containing Windows and another portion containing just Documents).

    Right now, it shows the two partitions on the current hard drive it booted off to and 2 other drives (i guess the 2 partitions on the other drive)?

    I'm really confused, and I still don't quite know what happened or what I should do. Just doing random things and seeing what happens. I think I might just install Windows 7 on one of the drives and forget RAID entirely. It's been nothing but trouble for me.
  2. Yeah, it's issues like this why I avoid RAID on my home system.

    I suspect that your BIOS configuration got zapped somehow, thus rendering your RAID arrays unconfigured. You might have been able to reconfigure them, but depending on the controller that sometimes wipes out the data. It's the sort of thing you'd want to have tested first so you know what it's going to do before you try it.
  3. I have simular prob: reporting Offline members in RAID-1 (Mirror) configutration (Volume:0)

    BIOS Options are:
    1. Create new RAID Volume
    2. Delete existing RAID Volume
    3. Reset disk to non-RAID
    4. Exit

    After disconnecting (regardless which one) one of the harddrives, BIOS reports one member disk,
    the other one missing (status: degraded).

    Seems BIOS lost/corrupted it's RAID table. Using the menu options will cause a data loss!
    Anyone idea's?

    Mobo: MSI P45 NEO3-FR (PCB v1.0, BIOS version 1A, latest)
    HDD: 2x Samsung HD 501 SJ (2x 500GB / SATA-2)
    CPU: E8400, RAM: 2GB, Running OS: MS XP Pro, SP3 (up-to-date)

    thnx in advance!
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