Adding ram lowered clock RAM speed?

My computer has 4 ram slots, I had 4gb (2x 2gb) of stock Samsung RAM and I added 4gb (2x 2gb) Corsair XMS2 RAM. They both are supposed to run at 800mhz with 1.8 volts. When I run them together, the frequency lowers to 665mhz. Separately they run fine at 800mhz.

My motherboard is: g33m05g1

I read that someone else got their 8gb of ram at 800mhz on the same motherboard, so I don't think that is at fault.

Also I noticed the latency of the memory lowered from (6-6-6-18) to (5-5-5-15) even though the samsung ram doesn't run at that latency. I didn't do anything on the BIOS because i cannot, got a dumb stock mobo.

Is the BIOS getting false readings?
Or is using all four slots just like that?
I got the same reading with CPUZ program.
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  1. Are you runing a 32bit or 64bit OS????
  2. OS has nothing to do with it.

    You could try to manually set the RAM speed/timings in BIOS; I'd take a guess that the BIOS is trying to optimize the speed/timings for best performance.
  3. Well I have 64 bit. Im not that stupid to put 8gb in 32bit. Also I don't think I can do anything about it on the BIOS, it's locked. I bought the computer did not build it.

    Next time though I'm gonna build my own >.>
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