Dual booting windows (xp x32 + vista x64)

Hey guys/gals, dont know if its the right category, buuut:

Just finishing my new build. As stated in the thread title im installing two OS's.
Now, im doing this by creating 3 partitions, one for xp, one for vista and one for programs.
NOW, im gonna crossfire my cards, do i have to install the driver in each of the OS partitions, or will it still run if i put it in the general file partition?

Im goin on the basis that i will have to install it in each partition as the drivers booted with the system, but avoiding a double installation would be great.
Any ideas?

cheers folks
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  1. never mind, the 32bit vs. 64bit makes it a moot point...

    although it would be interesting to know if a driver partition could be created that boots with windows?
  2. Vista uses different drivers from XP.
  3. It just doesn't work like that, at all.

    You will not use the same drivers for the two operating systems, and you do not get to choose where they go.

    You will not be able to install a program with one OS and use it with the other. MOST programs require a separate installation for each OS.
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