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The story is both, amazing and chocking! I recently prepared my computer for watercooling, installed the CPU block on my i7-930, water blocks on my pair of 5970s (Gonna run 2 loops). Res and rads and all that. I still need a few fittings, so I'm completely unable to leak test it atm. Any who, as i was going into my room the other day, i heard this loud "crack" noise which i would say came from my computer which stands in the middle of my room. It worried me since I thought that i had tightened the screws of the GPU Waterblock too hard, could of been the floor, but i need to know.

So my question is: If i turn on the 6 fans from the 2 rads that i got, would i be able to cool my gpus and cpu enough without burning anything? (Not they got the waterblocks on them.
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  1. No. And I'm willing to bet the crack didn't come from your PC; at least from your waterblocks being too tight. They would likely just 'split' not make a loud 'crack'. It would also be VERY noticeable...pull the cards and look.

    Again...No...don't turn it on without any coolant. It won't crack, but you will have burnt up components.
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