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Hello friends,

I just replaced the cpu with my foxconn mobo (socket lga 775) to test another cpu whis is brand new. My original cpu was Core2Duo 2.4 Ghz at 800 FSB. The newly replaced CPU is Dual Core 2.5 at 800FSB. I did that carefully.There is no display at all although the cpu sink fan runs,hdd power led is on,DVD also runs but no display. Then I shut down the PC,let it cooled down and restored the Core2Duo cpu. still the same problem. Installed another brand new DDR2,the same problem continues. Then I even tried CMOS clearance by setting the jumpers. No way. I removed the battery again for 30 minutes and reset. No way. All the CPUs and RAMs work with another mainboard. Is my mobo dead? So far no beeps, even without a RAM.
Please help !
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  1. There's probably something wrong with your CPU. Most motherboards will not boot up when there's something wrong the CPU. Just to be clear, there was nothing wrong with the CPU you replaced? Also, what's the exact model of your mobo? There could be a compatibility issue.
  2. My friend,
    The mobo is Foxconn 945, capable of LGA 775 socket CPUs@1333Mhz FSB,at the most.The manual says it is capable of running both multicore processors with 45nms, except quad core. I was running a core2 duo with this mainboard. It happened when I tried a dual core CPU with with a dual core 2.5 Mhz. this mobo supports celerons also. Both the Dual core and Core2Duo are working with another mainboard as well the RAMs. Yes this mobo does not support DDR2@800Mhz, whilst I'm using 667 DDR2 Rams.I took every possible precautions while removing the CPUs.
    Thanks for your kind response.
    This mobo supports a celeron/dual core/core2/core2 extreme series cpu, as the manual says, what can be the problem my friend?
  3. Have you made it work now? I replaced my laptop CPU once. It would power up, but nothing displayed, not even the BIOS screen. The fan and the DVD drive worked, but no keyboard LED. I figured it was probably still an issue with the CPU and went back to tighten the receptacle mechanism, which fixed the problem. Be careful not to damage the pins and other parts, so don't use too much force obviously.
  4. Not yet friend. it seems the CPU fan churns around and the Mobo led indicates that its working without any VGA output !
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