Graphics Drivers resetting when playing games.

I have a two year old system that has one problem. I am running Vista 64 Bit with an ATI X1950XT graphics card. The system works great when running basic windows things and even the game Sins of a Solar Empire. But when trying to play games like Crysis, FarCry 2, World at War it only works for a while before I start seeing there visual spikes coming out of people and then the graphics driver fails and the system either freezes or restarts and I can keep going. Most of the time the computer freezes and I have to reboot. I have a 600 watt PSU so I don't think it's lack of power and I am up to date on drivers for the video card and audio portion of my motherboard. Could the card be bad? Something else? Thanks.
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  1. It's probably overheating when playing really intensive 3d games. Take it out and use a small hoover to pull dust from the fan (be careful ;) ). You might be lucky and its still under warranty so check that out if it needs replacing.
  2. That's a great idea. Thanks!
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